Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mitsuwa Haul & Eats

Went over to Mitsuwa last night and got my Japanese fixin. I didn't go too crazy because I have to keep in mind my luggage weight. It was 44 pounds on the way to NY/NJ...only 6 pounds away from more fees! Lawd help me. ;)

Hair treatment by Shiseido: Fino
on sale for $13.99
I use these babies all the time. They were on sale for $3.99, so I grabbed two: Peach & Pomegranite Facial Cleansing Foam.
Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum type $13.99
Cotton puffs 2 boxes for $2.99
Meltyblends were on sale for $1.99!!!!!!!!!! These 4 are for myself, 2 strawberry and 2 caramel.

Mine...#13 Shrimp, pork tenderloins, crab croquette. $9.50

My company's. Shrimp, oyster, & Fish #26?? $8.50

And something sweet to end everything, Cream-yaki. Filled with custard cream yumminess. $1.75


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  1. the food looks yummy! and those melty kisses are yums! and you got it at such a great price ^^ i use the sebum type mandom water too